Top Rated Tread Mill 1.5HP!

Top Rated Tread Mill 1.5HP! - image AT-D5005A-80x80 on
Top Rated Tread Mill 2.0HP!
August 1, 2018
Top Rated Tread Mill 1.5HP! - image Inline-cross-trainer-80x80 on
In-line Cross Trainer
August 1, 2018


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Top Rated Tread Mill 1.5HP! - image AT-3001A-Treadmill on

Model No: AT-3001A

Digital Display: Zone: incline, distance, calorie. heart rate and speed program.
12 speed programs
MP3 Player with high-fidelity sound box
Folding and slow release function

Horse Power 1.5HP
Input in voltage:220V.50HZ
Peak motor:Low Noise DC Motor & PWM Control over-current and short circuit protection

Packing Dimension:1680x750x310mm
Running belt dimension:1200x420mm
G.W. 63KGS N.W. 56KGS


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