Top Rated Tread Mill!

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September 10, 2017
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September 11, 2017


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luxury treadmill
Digital Display: Zone: show incline, distance, calorie. heart rate and speed program.
One-Touch button: directly get the incline and speed
17 Inch High-visibility TV
3.5HP AC Motor,3 years warranty for free
World top professional 5-layer commercial running beltSiegling belt, Skidproof, Wearable.30mm high-technology running board needs not drop any silicone lube and maintenance.
Automatic adjustment equipment for running belt
Complete set is processed with precise design. Operation is steady and quiet. Firm steel and aluminum alloy frame enjoy eight year of guarantee period
8-point independent damping system can absorb 40% of the impact to body.

Input in voltage:220V.50HZ
Peak motor:6HP
Heart Rate: Hand sensor/ telemetering
Goal training: Time /distance/calorie
Program training p1-p16 there are 16 programs
Digital Display:20 numbers
Packing Dimension:2300x990x650mm
Running belt dimension:1680x550mm
G.W. 250KGS N.W. 210KGS